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Bill Kristol Interview

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Bill Kristol Extended Interview
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kristol does a pretty good job of playing the nice guy, with a pretty good sense of humor, who's well aware of how idiotic the points he's obviously being paid to push are. he almost had me fooled.

and stewart totally nailed him on that point about government run military healthcare. boo friggin' yah.

Does his prediction of Palin on the ticket warrant kudos, really? I would be impressed if he were making predictions that came true most of the time.

I can't believe he's repeating her line of staying in the 'rut' of office.

And yes, he nailed it about military health care.

Excuse me for not saying what I really feel but what a fucking smarmy creep! Is this really the position of a supposedly educated leader of the conservative movement in America, to defend a freaking nitwit like Sarah Palin?

Here is the bottom line on the argument on health care: point to one private system that works. I can point to dozens of successful public systems that work much better than ours.

I’m with Jon Stewart on this: how could any sane person believe the outlandish talking points laid out by this asshole? It ain’t possible, not for rational folks.

Somehow political hacks have found a way to say things that no one could ever believe over and over on TV without laughing out loud.

I am literally unable to watch this filthy pig. Is Bill Kristol on the payroll, or is he one of the fundamental sources of political pollution in the US? He is at once one of the wrongest men in America, and one of the sleaziest proponents of political immorality. Bill Kristol deserves to be waterboarded until he's driven either to the brink of suicide or to honesty (which for him would be the a transformation as total as the reeducation of Winston Smith.)

Kristol argues with himself: the government plan will result in denial of care; no the insurance companies don't deny care, especially with medicare...OK, Billy boy, ya think that Medicare is private? Or that the existence of Medicare makes it more difficult for insurance companies to deny care because it would be covered under Medicare? So thanks, a single payer government plan would exist alongside private plans and therefore what the hell do you think will happen?

Then in the next sentence you say that maybe some care isn't necessary and shouldn't be provided..

As Jon says "I'm trying to figure out just what you believe!"

Then the military health care circle debate; yay Jon for catching him in his own folly.

I didn't mind Kristol so much pre-W, but once W was elected, Kristol became a full-time shill for whatever he thought supported the GOP line. So maybe he can coach Mrs. Palin on the issues. Then again, it's sounds as if she's been coaching him.

Indeed. One wonders why Kristol didn't rip off his obvious latex mask and just let his horned, scaly face hang out. He must be evil - he disagrees with you!

It's always interesting to see how unapologetic ideologues react to having their unquestioned worldview shaken. The facts are always left in the dust. Who has time for facts? We have to make it clear how much we hate the man for having a different viewpoint.

But if cooler heads prevail, the reality is that the Conservatives are right on this issue. Even Obama knows it - that's why he keeps blaming them when his party has full control of every branch of government. He doesn't need a single Republican to pass anything he wants. And it looks as if he and his cohorts aren't going to try any longer, they're just going to do their best to ram something through as popularity plummets and the public gets wise to his tired, small bag of tricks. The people know it, hence the popularity drop and the near-riot scenes at the non-staged townhall meetings.

I'd wager none of you have even bothered to read the varying forms of legislation to which this overblown issue has given rise (hey, why should you, the President and his cronies don't). But it's a complete mess. It does nothing to fix the actual problems, it expands the influence that is causing costs to skyrocket (the government). And sure it 'bends the cost curve'. But it bends it up, and in an unsustainable fashion. It will not solve availability issues, it will worsen care, it will require more strict rationing of health care. It will result in different and often worse problems which we can see every day in these 'better' countries around the globe in which none of you apparently choose to live.

But who cares? Those Republicans are evil! Even though they're the only ones to pitch anything close to a sensible plan! It's not like I need to read this stuff or perhaps consider the opposite side. I have a bumper sticker!

In closing, let me just state that the military and related health care angle is hilariously sophistic nonsense. During the Bush years all you lefties could do was rant and rave about how terrible the VA is. And it is pretty bad - because it's government-run health care, just like the horribly broken Medicare/Medicaid system (both of which helped create the problems we now have). And the VA is a constant problem even with all its unique advantages: the fact that it only has to cover the military, which is a small part of our population; the fact that the vast majority who use it for daily health care are, by nature, healthy, in shape, and young; the fact that since it's military they have comprehensive information on every aspect of each patient; the fact that they have a private, contained network of staff and supplies; and on and on. And it's still a very poorly-run system.

It's refreshing for one to occasionally dip into these cesspools of left-wing groupthink to reassure oneself just how crazy you folks are. It's your continued irrational ranting and raving about this issue that has caused public support for it to drop like Ted Kennedy's car into the Chappaquidick. The vast majority of people like their health care. Those who think it's an issue generally try to inform themselves (shock!) rather than just spin ideology and talking points. And once they do so they abandon your little talking points faster than Obama abandons campaign promises.

And that's why people like Kristol are more valuable than you groupies. Magazines like The National Review, Reason, and The Weekly Standard and organizations like The Heritage Foundation have spent countless hours researching this issue and reporting the pros and cons of more government involvement in the health system. There are arguments for and against it; there are arguments for different levels of involvement.

But at least there are arguments. Not a bunch of gleeful, smug, tiresome people calling everyone else 'evil'.

Average Joe, aka Calligraph, aka TeafortheTillerman aka aka aka is back. I swear he's just a comedian who shows up once in awhile to irritate people.

If you don't like it here go hang out with the geniuses on the right—you belong there. I'm done debating this issue with people who still can't point to a private system that works. I live in Spain and their health care system is absolutely exemplary, so you can keep listening to Rush; just don't try to peddle that filth here.

P.S. Why do you keep changing your screen name? Hopeychanger is the dumbest one yet.

i don't think he's hanging out, leftbanker. that entire post doesn't include any indication he even watched the clip, let alone read any of the comments. my guess is it's some kind of pre-written generic propaganda sent out to hundreds of left-ish blogs. if it's a real person, let him come back and let me deal with him. oh, please, please, please...:)


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