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Atheist Miracle

More from the BBC TV show "That Mitchell and Webb Look" and once again a thank you to pedantsareus.



Thank you for your very kind acknowledgements of my efforts, and I hope you and all my American friends and relatives have a great holiday.

please click here

oh wait, not that..

Too funny.

What a sweet message Pedant

LOL - 1st time in awhile. Thank you Pedantsareus and Norm!

P - isn't July 4th the English Thanksgiving? ;~)

Thank you for all your good wishes. I suppose, gypsy, that you are referring to the fact that we British are no longer responsible for what you colonials do. I give thanks for that, but also for the fact that, in the main, we are on the same side and for the same causes. Sometimes that leads to problems (Dubbya and Bliar) but mostly not. Best wishes to you all.

Oh, some Brit told me that joke years ago. But yeah, as well I'm glad we're basically on the same side.


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