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Everyone enjoys a good zinger. Paul Begala delivers one at the expense of Meghan McCain. Do you find it amusing or just mean-spirited?

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Certainly not mean spirited, but not really that amusing. It was simply justified.

She was fair game after her lame "you're old" joke.

"I wasn't born yet" is a pathetic excuse for being unable to defend your argument. She should have said "I actually shouldn't be on this show because I am woefully ignorant of political history and lack the necessary knowledge to form reasoned positions, much less provide in depth analysis or perspective on really anything discussed here."

Meghan McCain wants to play in the big leagues, so it's perfectly reasonable for Begala to slam McCain when she lobs one to him.

Yeah, even more so, put in context, that's what EVERYONE with a brain was thinking at that point of the discussion. Since she came out she excused herself for not being alive at the time several times already.

It was a perfect response. It put the standard anti-intellectual pride that seems to be embraced by the conservative movement in it's place.

Instead of letting a limited world view be held up as a badge of honor, it should be mocked.

I thought her comment was snarky and he returned the compliment...

Actually I don't think it was snarky. She'd been saying that crap excuse since she came out, about other stuff too. Begala's response did seem somewhat snarky, but it was only due already. I bet he'd been biting his tongue all that time before he just let it go here.

Considering the stupidity of "I wasn't born yet, so I don't know...", I'd say Begala's response was relatively restrained.

Who is Meghan McCain again? And why is she on the TV all the time all of a sudden?

She obviously knows nothing about which she purports to speak, yet that doesn't stop her. History is so yesterday for the GOP. I believe that Paul Begala was merely pointing that out.

I don't understand the media obsession with meghan mccain. I'm the same age as her and wager I can best her in any debate, political or otherwise, yet she's constantly writing commentaries because she's the daughter of a two-time failed presidential candidate.

I think at best, she's a republican puppy dog with contemporary sentiments. Which is to say, she's a republican that doesn't hate gays. I suppose she could function as a young voice in a party dominated by old religious white men, but otherwise, she has no wisdom worth forging least, not yet evident.

That was a rare show of true wit. Begala, quick on his feet, turned the knife right back, in the best possible way.

ps... there's something a little off-putting about a self-styled "Stupid Git" deploring anti-intellectualism, especially with the "in it's [sic] place" bit. Sorry! Nothing personal.


Begala's comment was right on! Everyone commenting has it right. Now,let's stop interviewing people on serious topics because they're well known or have a famous dad! Bill Maher should know better. Enough already!

She is the political Paris Hilton.

Famous daughter of a rich man and she likes the attention.

The republicans like her because she stands a chance of ushering folks into their tent.

She does remind me of a sign I saw in a store once: "Hire teenagers now, while they still know everything".

indeed, totally appropriate response. she seems like a nice enough person but why is she even there?

Who is Meghan McCain again? And why is she on the TV all the time all of a sudden?

Exactly, just what America needs: another retard with an opinion based on an extremely faulty intellectual foundation. “I wasn’t born yet?” As if that is an excuse for not knowing history? Let me get this straight; her qualifications are that she is John McCain’s daughter? Did we have to stoop lower than Joe the plumber?

Why? Why? Why? Let me answer that. Because opinions are easier and cheaper than getting people to do real reporting.

When I watched this, I thought it was pretty lame of Meghan McCain to come on to the show to voice her opinions, and instead of backing them up, she relied on excuses ("I wasn't born yet") and playing the victim ("Lot's of people on Twitter are mad at me"). If you are going to prance around as a political celebrity, you need to be a little tougher than that.

My guess is she is being used more as a tool of the Republican party to try and counter the damage being done by Hannity, Limbaugh, and others by "softening" the party's image. They know that they need to change the current (deserved) perception of Republicans in Washington - that they are just a bunch of old white men with dusty, antiquated ideas who only want to drag their feet on progress.

when she said "i wasn't born yet", i'm not sure if she was begging for mercy because of her tender age, or zinging her tormenter with a taunt about his age. i'm guessing both and she deserved what she got.


I found it amusing and not mean at all.

She gave her silly opinion and Paul Begala gave his opinion of her opinion. Tit for tat.

I think the self-righteous and daft should be given strong incentives to close their mouth, and what better (and kinder) incentive is there than satire, ridicule, and mockery.

Dumb people have used the media as their forum for too long. I've had enough, and I want to hear the smart people. It appears that Mahers audience feels similarly.

If you are going to be called "mean" or "strident" every time you disagree with a "woo", then you may as well earn the adjective. (Plus, making smart people laugh earns bonus points in my book!)-- we need a good laugh after the last 8 years.


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