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I didn't watch this clip because I think that Will Ferrel is completely unfunny and about the most talentless motherfucker in Hollywood. His new movie looks retarded. Maybe I'm just too old to get "comedians" who can't write a joke. I defy anyone to post a Will Ferrel joke that is funny.

The clip isn't about Will Farrel. It's a recap of what was covered in the week. Will was probably only in 5 seconds of the entire video. I don't watch the recaps. They may work for some, but for me they offer no substance. Maybe others use it to go back and check out stuff they missed?

Please excuse my overly-caustic and evidently unwarranted slam of Will Ferrel. In my defense I just have to say that even here in Spain I can't avoid his unfunny and smug antics.

No apology necessary. Will Farrel deserves all the slams he gets. Except in the case of Stranger Than Fiction, that was actually good.

Lest us not forget Old Skool. A movie where his unfunnyness was funny.

Old School was the first, and last, time Will Ferrel was even remotely funny.

I disagree.

Will Ferrel is a great supporting comedic actor. The problem is that he got famous so they make him the star of everything. Every movie he has the lead role in sucks. He is just too over the top to be likable and when bad things happen to a guy that you don't like, its not funny, its uncomfortable.


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