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The Story of King David Mark

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the senator is mistaken in his appraisal of king david's sins and his subsequent comeback. the thing isn't that he "picked up the pieces and went on" but that he TRULY REPENTED (you know what that means, right? it means he felt really, really bad about it and resolved never to do it again) and then went on. i'm not making this up- there are literally hundreds of rabinical commentaries making this point, and i have no doubt the various christian scholastic traditions picked up on it too. this man is unrepentant, and unworthy to speak the name of david, pbuh. :)

I think Sanford got confused between King David and King Ralph. (The John Goodman character).

The story of King David, is that before or after the part in the Bible where adulterers are supposed to be stoned to death?

NPR's Fresh Air just ran a piece going into detail about why he referenced King David.


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