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Prayer Explained

tip to Christopher



You're going to Hell for sure now, Norm. (You too, Christopher.)

god damn the tone of this is infuriating. i'm a nonbeliever who tends not to think terribly highly of religion, yet i still find this nasty and ignorant. the suggestion that prayer is (invariably) telling God you don't like his divine plan is such a lame, condescending, and willfully ignorant claim, i don't even know where to begin. the anger that goes into something like this could be such a powerful force if it was used with any kind of compassion, rather than cruelty. there are legitimate challenges to be made against prayer, challenges which open up and call for dialogue and debate. who cares if anyone changes their minds after such a dialogue: to open up communication would be such a beautiful thing. making fun of a straw man does not relieve the frustration the producers of this feel, and yet that frustration is so precious... can't we make better use of it...?


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