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Links With Your Coffee - Wednesday


  • Science and Religion are Not Compatible | Cosmic Variance | Discover Magazine
    Jerry Coyne, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Chicago, has recently published a book called Why Evolution is True, and started up a blog of the same name. He’s come out swinging in the science/religion debates, taking a hard line against “accomodationism” — the rhetorical strategy on the part of some pro-science people and organizations to paper over conflicts between science and religion so that religious believers can be more comfortable accepting the truth of evolution and other scientific ideas. Chris Mooney and others have taken up the other side, while Russell Blackford and others have supported Coyne, and since electrons are free there have been an awful lot of blog posts.

  • Offered with no Commentary | MissouriGreen
    Program description: Current economic woes make Summer Food Service Program more important than ever. Program provides nutritious meals to young people throughout the state.

    Davis response: The implication suggests that during a recession, parents don’t give their children nutritious food. The reverse may be true. During hard times, many families find it even more important to pull together. Families may economize by choosing to not waste hard earned dollars on potato chips, ice cream, or Twinkies. Perhaps some families will buy more beans and chicken and less sweets.
  • Jesus killed Mohammed: The crusade for a Christian military—By Jeff Sharlet (Harper's Magazine)
    When Sergeant Jeffery Humphrey and his squad of nine men, part of the 1/26 Infantry of the 1st Infantry Division, were assigned to a Special Forces compound in Samarra, he thought they had drawn a dream duty. “Guarding Special Forces, it was like Christmas,” he says. In fact, it was spring, 2004; and although Humphrey was a combat veteran of Kosovo and Iraq, the men to whom he was detailed, the 10th Special Forces Group, were not interested in grunts like him. They would not say what they were doing, and they used code names. They called themselves “the Faith element.” But they did not talk religion, which was fine with Humphrey.

    tip to Patrick

  • » Traditional Marriage »

    tip to Christopher

  • YouTube - Mr. Deity and the Book, Part Deux

    tip to Patrick

  • Tory claims for astrology CD » Liberal Democrat Voice

    Not all the stupid beliefs come from religion, though I'd wager that this dimwit subscribes to some of those as well.

  • TIME GOES BY | Aging Out of a Blackberry World

  • TV preacher proves that only the Christian god is real - Boing Boing

    It's truly remarkable, this dumbass thinks he's clever, he believes his arguments are sound. They ought to be laughing at him, but alas this is another case of dumb and dumber.

  • Steeley Plan For Health Care « Mad Kane’s Political Madness



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