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Links With Your Coffee - Tuesday




re: Scientology... I just came across a completely juvenile video that exemplifies the proper way to interact with scientologists. If only there were more people as brave as brave Mr. Slickpubes.

LRH and and Scientology (and now Muscavige) have presented the rise of a religious cult in swift fashion, to be observed as future cults attempt emergence. Someone with some wacky ideas wraps them around few actually good ideas (getting off drugs, confronting psychoses, neuroses, and the like). More wacky shit ensues. Leadership is controlling and corrupt.

Wait; I could be describing a new government as well. But in this case it's Scientology. Muscavige has apparently managed to do more than L Ron Hubbard in terms of total control and abuse. Every step of the church's way has been in the fashion of the mafia, complete with unabashed cussing (at least I feel that way after reading the entire Tampa Bay Times article. I wonder just how long that paper'll last now?

The agent slickpubes or pubess or whatever they were singing was good for a chuckle. This site covers as much as possible about Scientology (the "CO$"), and is run by 4 people who were raised in the church and got their asses out of there. They are amazingly quite friendly moderators who do post plenty of not happy information; they also allow pro-scientology commentary.

What a major load of crap Scientology is. At least, however, this is a church that doesn't shy away from saying that affluence is an important goal - one that is important in your standing in the organization. It sure does help you become clear.

Oof - there's just too too much crap to cover on the subject. I'll keep an eye out for parts 2 and 3. Thanks for posting Norm.

I love the articles and video on scientology on the St peters times website. It is really worth listening to the audio interview with someone in scientology named Davis, he repeatly tells the interviewer that the ex scientologists are "psychotic", he seems really really agitated while doing this.

I find it interesting that they use this word, i guess as the biggest insult they can come up with, since they don't recognize psychotic illnesses.

I really really have issues with scientology, since their expressed mission is to eliminate psychology and psychiatry from the planet and by doing so eliminate all mental health care. I really think I should try suing them under hate crime legislation. (intentionally increasing hatred?)... This video is pretty horrible .... and clearly states that they intend to Obliterate psychiatry internationally.

Anyway, this is one sick religion.... lying, attacking people with lawsuits, calling people names, charging people for "religious treatment"


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