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Links With Your Coffee - Thursday




Good to know about Zicam. I thought homeopathics were more like placebos but sounds like there can be some powerful medicine in there that doesn't fall under the monitoring of the FDA. Caveat emptor seems to always be the wisest rule to follow with anything you do - even just for a cold. You probably remember when Dimetapp was pulled because it was causing bleeding in the brain/strokes in some rare cases (including a baby). I know the FDA pulled anything with PPA in it and that list was long.


Thanks for the heads up, I just e-mailed my mom to clean that stuff out of the medicine cabinet.


Thanks for the heads up, I just e-mailed my mom to clean that stuff out of the medicine cabinet.

What a great collection of links - evolution, sixty symbols, Lise, etc. Thanks so much!

It's about time, don't you think? In recent weeks there has been a dearth of the 'good' stuff.

I'll see your musical performance by a young female prodigy and raise you same: Hilary Hahn plays the "polonaise for polar bears."

Hilary's great, and she does a nice job with the Sebelius. I must admit that I hadn't heard the "polonaise for polar bears," reference Google enlightened me.

We're lucky there are so many young musicians with such great talent. Josuha Bell, is another that comes to mind.

Great music, Norm.

Have you heard of Tyler Rix? He's a sixteen year old saxophonist who has released an album called Ascent.

Listen here

Thank you for posting the interview with Sikivu Hutchinson, it's nice to know my husband and I are not the only ones who have noticed. I am woman who enjoys many things that for far to long have been considered "guy stuff". It's time to stop the snark remarks of a female presence in large male groups, (meant to be funny but its only furthering the bias; making it uncomfortable to be there). Maybe then I can feel confident in bringing some femininity to the room instead of feeling embarrassed about it. I am just now getting comfortable with the fact that I am both a Logical and emotional creature, and the emotions are not a weakness just because I have a Vagina.


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