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Five Monkeys is a much better illustration of religion than of government. Representative democracy, messy, corrupt, inefficient, at least allows for discussion of why we don't climb the stairs. Of course, it also allows a few stupid, greedy monkeys to be paid LOTS of bananas to convince the other non-too-bright monkeys after 70 years of relative economic stability that God Hates Regulation.

But that is an integrity issue. The beatings should be reserved for those apes taking bribes.

The fault, dear brutus, lies not in our bananas, but in our selves.


Green Bananas are made out of people!!

I don't think you can use logical fallacy arguments in advertising this type of product. I don't think they are trying to convince the consumer they have a better product - I think they are saying you will be seen as a thin, rich woman if you buy products like this. More aspirational-type than faster, better, cheaper. The type of marketing Luntz uses.


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