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Links With Your Coffee - Saturday

  • Israeli Minister Eyes Sanctions Against US -- News from
    Israeli news outlets are reporting the leak of a letter from Israeli cabinet minister Yossi Peled to the rest of the nation’s cabinet, cautioning that the Obama Administration was going to adopt “a more balanced approach to Israel, including intensive pressure to stop building in settlements, remove outposts and advance the formation of a Palestinian state.”

    It’s hardly earth-shattering in that respect, the administration has been publicly urging Israel to accept exactly that for weeks now. What is noteworthy is Minister Peled’s proposed strategies to combat this, including sanctions against the United States.

  • A poem by Ray Sweatman — Listics
    Grasshopper reads Chekhov to a Thai Hooker in the Hollow of an Oak in a Cul-de-Sac

  • YouTube - A Bit of Fry and Laurie: Oprah Winfrey (tip to a gypsy sister)

  • Theistic evolutionist beats hasty retreat : Pharyngula
  • What Really Prompts The Dog's 'Guilty Look'
    What dog owner has not come home to a broken vase or other valuable items and a guilty-looking dog slouching around the house? By ingeniously setting up conditions where the owner was misinformed as to whether their dog had really committed an offense, Alexandra Horowitz, Assistant Professor from Barnard College in New York, uncovered the origins of the “guilty look” in dogs in the recently published “Canine Behaviour and Cognition” Special Issue of Elsevier’s Behavioural Processes.

  • Vision of Humanity



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