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Links With Your Coffee - Thursday


I'll be out of town for the next few days playing chess. Posting will be light.



The Satirical Political Report - An Offbeat Look at the Hot-Button Issues of the Day » Limbaugh’s Latest Sonia Smear: ‘Latina Judge Spoke Latin on the Bench’

At least she spoke A-Level Latin and not O-Level Latin.

I couldn't see the face.

I couldn't see the dinosaur! ;~)

(see R7's avatar)

It's a raptor

dang! gettin all specific on me ;~)

that is the second Marmite reference I have come across in 24 hours. God must be trying to tell me something.

Pat, Pat, Pat… the expression fuck a duck is figurative.

That may be true, but the "bitch" factor is indeed biological. You can't argue with scientific fact.

See: The "Bitch" Evolved: Why Girls Are So Cruel to Each Other
(Scientific American)

Love this quote from that article:

"To give an example, one little girl waved at me in so kind a manner that it seemed, in that instant, I was in the presence of a better species of humankind, one that naturally regards other people as benevolent curiosities and the contrivances of social etiquette haven’t tarnished and brutally tamed genuine emotions."

You're a little off-topic here. The math article was merely pointing out that xx's can do math-oriented tasks as well as xy's.

There is a correlation in the article the bitch evolved, though, I think.

And what’s especially sad is that adult authority figures such as teachers and parents often miss such devastating acts of reputational violence because they’re so subtle and often occur “in context”—that is, they’re less conspicuous than the physical altercations of boys.

Adults have a role to play in both book learning and social learning. Your son says he's no good with words and your daughter says she's no good with numbers. Your boy got a bruise and your daughter was the victim of character assassination. You can't just say "boys will be boys and girls will be girls." One should help them discover ways to deal with their difficulties - be they academic or social.

This help should come from all care-givers, be they relatives or teachers. There are definitely stories from my past that have left me bewildered as to why teachers and/or parents didn't step in to set kids on a better path. As an adult,i do realize it's my responsibility to point people in a more productive direction. I may not always succeed and I may screw up, but I can try.


Being a man that was raised by a feminist mother and have a world view that matches her, I have since grown older and been married and seen every negative stereotype of women in action.

Women use words to maim where men use hands. Both are wrong, but only one is illegal.

True, women are not typically violent; they tend to use the "poison pen" or verbal bitch method of attack - on men as well as women. However, I have seen enough men jump into coalitions against a person, so I don't agree that the mals mots attack is gender-specific. People use the methods that seem to best suit their immediate purpose. I'm speaking from personal observations, so while anecdotal, I could cite you enough examples to back my assertion.

True, both men and women use words to hurt, but women's brains tend to be much better at reading body language (like 400% better than men) and women tend to have better language skills.

Men vs women in a war of verbal emotional pain would most often end in men losing.

I'm also a guy that grew up thinking women should rule the world, then I look back and compare all the female bosses I've had to the male ones... Anecdotal, but I find men to be less intimidated by co-workers, less subversive and if they find themselves in an actual quarrel with a co-worker, can work together just fine anyhow. In an office with mostly women, even slight disagreements turn into side-taking, back-stabbing, and competition that actually gets in the way of getting the job done. It drives me nuts. Women destroy themselves and know they are doing it and can't stop.

That said, I do think women are smarter than men in all but spatial organization. They tend to be better organizers, detail keepers, number-rememberers and significantly better at client relations.

I'm-not-a-dick disclaimer: I believe we should treat all people equally, and not think we are all equal. Enjoy the things that make us different and individually beautiful. Every person I have ever met has something to teach me, and I can only learn that when I take the time to listen.

Not to worry, I don't think you're a dick. I've had jobs that mimic your comments, but i can regale you with tales other work situations where nearly identical things happened and the genders were reversed.

As for

That said, I do think women are smarter than men in all but spatial organization.

I believe there is some scientific basis for this. (OK you biologists and neurologists, come in to save me.) The way it was presented to me was that men process spatial relationships in only one area of their brains, and women have to go through 2 areas.

My only wonder is: if females practice spatial conceptions alot (like a young tennis player who continues into adulthood), could they not develop this capacity so that the process would speed up? With 2 areas doing the processing, wouldn't their be a check on the spatial perception, and perhaps thus more accurate?

But I digress.

RE: Chris Mooney's Do I Contradict Myself?...

Since it's short, this is Coyne's reply:

Look, if you’re going to characterize my arguments as “flailing indiscriminately against religion,” I’m not interested in continuing this discussion. They are not flailing, and they’re not indiscriminate. And there is a purpose to all the New Atheist criticism: to lessen the moral authority and hegemony of religion in our society. It is not “indiscriminate flailing” by any means. So lay off the rhetoric, please.

It's interesting how some of the commenters then start searching and cherry-picking some of Coyne's comments as "evidence" that he actually does indiscriminately flail, when even those examples aren't that. I think reading incomprehension is more fueling to the debate than any atheist "diatribe"!

By the way, Coyne has put up a new post in response.

The First Amendment and the Free Establishment clause... Do these NOT protect religious speach and religions in general? For trying to be so political, the 700 Club needs to read up on the basics of our Constitution!

I hate gender politics.


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