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Links With Your Coffee - Tuesday




"doctor who assistant is unveiled"

Call me old-fashioned, but doesn't anybody check their grammar any more? Shouldn't that be "doctor whose assistant is unveiled"?

And besides that, why is this item noteworthy at all? Aren't virtually all doctor's assistants in the West unveiled?

I don't get it.

Well, that's the US Treasury building there. The obvious meaning is: Geithner is God. Now for those of you who might think that's a tad hyperbolic of the government, just consider that Elie Wiesel thought the same about Bernie Madoff...

Will Dr. Who have the Jonas Brothers play the opening soundtrack? Seems like they are trying too hard to get the teenybopper crowd interested in the show. Let's hope they don't dumb down the episodes like American shows do.

Sorry Doug, but Doctor Who BEGAN as a series for youngsters - in 1963 the first series was shown on BBC's Children's Television. It has developed in a number of ways over the last 40-odd years and a 'return' to its roots wouldn't be amazing - although I don't think it will happen.

Look at the history:

A little history: The "In God We Trust" slogan on U.S. paper money was the idea of Congress in 1954 and signed by Eisenhower. It was the same directive that changed the Pledge of Allegiance to include "Under God..." which was not included when it was written by a Baptist minister in 1892. The first paper money with "In God We Trust" appeared in 1957 - the same time the Pledge was changed in public schools. U.S. coins got that slogan in 1908 - that time too by order of Congress. President Roosevelt vetoed it, though, as he thought it was blasphemous. Congress overrode the veto. The slogan did appear before 1908 on a Civil War era two cent piece that appeared in 1864 and ended production in 1873. That time it was the Secretary of the Treasury who directed the use of the slogan. It's believed that the 1954 action was to show the godless Russians how much better people we were. Now the religious believe torture...


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