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I Read The News Today


tip to pedantsareus



I live in L.A. I can relate. Besides the national news, we got the stupid local news to contend with.

BTW, is there a source for this?

Comic's website:

The above comic was posted to the artist's LJ:

Billy Mays died today. Even more people have asked me about his death than MJ's. The death of a salesman is making the news now? ahhhhh......what the hell is going on in Iran these days I wonder?

I don't really care if this crap takes over the local news, they're idiotic anyway. But I WILL NOT ACCEPT them messing with my rerun of 30 Rock (or was it The Office?) on Thursday to cover this "news".

Thanks, pedantsareus.

Does a lost childhood lead to a foreshortened adult life of continual regression, in which the body breaks down under the relentless pressure of the psyche's attempt to recover what can never be returned? Schaffer (author of the play Amadeus) seems to have thought so. I thought it was an impression worth considering, with the help of Harry Potter.

"people have gathered where we are pointing our cameras."


oh, and it's funny, too. thanks to all concerned.


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