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Dick (Uncut)

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Dick (Uncut)
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Shameless bastard.

So how long now until we bring out the noose?

"That's not my recollection" is a good way to not answer the question meaningfully.

Q: Did you do it?

A: Well heck, I don't recall doing it. (which is not saying I didn't do it, but if evidence comes out later that I did do it, i can't be called a liar now, I'm just dum.)

What the evidence shows, sir, is a massive downsizing of the anti-terror department after you took office and a pattern of personally attacking anyone who would oppose your policies.

Watching Frost/Nixon is hilarious.. the stuff Nixon did was crap compared to the Bush admin. and he was a much smarter man who actually contributed (China/Russia) to our stature in the world.

Exactly Jon; thank you.

Ahhhhhhh! my head hurts now.


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