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Cheating Death

Cheerios, Soda Paralysis & Oprah's Crazy Talk Cheerios markets itself as a drug, soda drinkers may become paralyzed, and Oprah endorses dubious health advice.
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Cheating Death - Cheerios, Soda Paralysis & Oprah's Crazy Talk
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best 7 minutes with cute/bad/old jokes I've spent. Thanks for posting this Norm!

It's about time!

Now it's John's turn.

Nobody has more fun being a cornball than Stephen.

Suzanne Somers - wow. If legit physicians were to recommend vaginal injections on TV, wouldn't they open themselves up to lawsuits galore if people just went out and started doing it and then hurt themselves?

Cheating Death is by far my favoritest segment. Finally it seems Oprah's nuttiness is getting some attention. Hopefully other mainstream publications follow Newsweek. I guess the closest we were before was those couple of articles on Slate.


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