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Sometimes I forget how good Jon Stewart is....thanks for the post.

He so infrequently mentions Olberman and yet never really has him on either.

I always wonder about jon's views on him.

Good segment; great closing line.

The great irony is that that so many media personalities and leaders complain that people don't take responsibility for their own actions and here they go again: so and so is responsible for this white supremacist with prior issues on his record. Had the law put him away the 1st time, this recent crime of his probably would not have happened.

Isn't it probable that crazy people are particularly likely to be influenced by things they read/hear, and then take it to an unreasonable extreme? Isn't the larger question whether this kind of likely influence warrants limits on speech?

If a psychopath commits a murder modeled after Silence of the Lambs, then clearly the movie "influenced" the killer. Would anyone seriously argue that that the movie should be banned?


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