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Bill Maher - New Rules

Real Time with Bill Maher
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Maher is in top form here.

The sparse and hesitant applause generally accompanies uncomfortable truths that, even now, the public has not yet absorbed. He's not getting booed...people just can't seem to understand.

I don't envy Obama. It's tough to be an ethical leader of a corrupt party. And I know he's trying to be pragmatic & move the bus we're all on away from the cliff, which is why he's not taking particularly bold stands on progressive issues (since republicans will castigate him and democrats will damn him with faint praise), but somewhere along the line he's going to have to make, and not subsequently shrink away from, some principled stands on the domestic front, if he wants to keep the support of the people. If that matters.

He seems to be the only person in America speaking the truth about the new all right-wing American government. It seems the corporations have won.

It warms my heart to hear an American talking about the Democrats in this way.

There is a such a progressive party already of course. It's called the Green Party.

There needs to be election reforms (instant run-off voting is a good idea) before the Green Party will be a real alternative.

Bill Maher is THE BEST!!!! GREAT SITE!

Boston Photographer

Another ad. What's interesting is these people get paid for posting on blogs and this girl is completely taking their money since the point is to be relevant to the conversation.

Congratulations, Norm, this means your site is getting interest from buzz campaign organizers.

Woot!! Grats Norm!

Nothing new here. This is the core arguement that lead to Bush in 2000.


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