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Using Religion to Justify War



I like the way so many of these conversations offer up the premise that poor stupid Dubya was duped by his advisors - if he was, he was an eagerly compliant dupe.

Why is Chris Matthews acting so indignant about the war when he was one of its loudest cheerleaders? Go back and look at some of the stuff he was saying. Why does he have a show? He is a complete fucking idiot. Why do we pay attention to all of these pundits who have never been very clever? Pat Buchannan never was very astute and now he seems to be suffering from some sort of bowel ailment from the grimaces on his mug.

No shit. Especially remarkable is the way Matthews spits out the "neocon" epithet now. Back then it was

We're all neo-cons now.
  • Chris Matthews, 4/9/03)

Yes, it's quite irritating, but if there's gonna be turnabout, at least it's turnabout to show the Iraq war for what it was. Matthews, whatever his failings, at least took said he was duped. It seems disingenuous to those of us who disagreed with this war from the start, and all I can offer after that is there you are.

I say we put Matthews and Buchanan in a box and let them decide which one is the insect.

just kidding. sort of.

In any case, I never underestimate the ability to manipulate one's faith to do harm

In case you missed it at the end, Chris Matthews said "I don't think God should be on our side, I think we should be on His side" (or something to that effect)...

I may disagree, but at least it's something better than Buchanan's nonsense.

I have to give Matthews credit for applying the same standards to us that he applies to others at least superficially in this case.


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