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US Troops Urged To Share Faith in Afghanistan

US soldiers in Afghanistan have been filmed with local language Bibles and urged to be "witnesses for Jesus" despite anti-proselytising rules. Al Jazeera's James Bays reports.

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The US Army proselytizing for Jesus in Afghanistan. What colossal stupidity. I can't think of a better way to galvanize anti-American sentiment and enhance the position of Muslim fundamentalism.

Jesus. Get them the fuck out, now.

Agh! Makes my head hurt! This needs to stop. now. It is indeed against military regs, even if it can somehow be squeezed into the constitution.

I can see how they'll demonize Obama for it, though.

Apparently, the military cracked down on this right away (or said they did). Kind of suspicious that the good chaplains were the ones charged with destroying the bibles. (whoopsie... I guess some were just left lying around outside).


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