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The Worst Person

I particularly enjoy it when Glenn Beck, the witless, factless, cluesless commentator gets called to account. Glenn makes shit up and then spouts it as truth. Calling him a liar, is a kindness. He deserves to be locked in a room and forced to listen to his own drivel 24/7. And you thought I was opposed to torture.



The memorial service for Glenn Beck's credibility? His credibility has been dead so long it has fossilized - The View women just dug it up and tossed the bones around for a while.

I'm confused. What was he lying about? Who said hello first, or the reserved seats on Amtrak?

It seems a bit ironic to have Olbermann denouncing anyone's credibility.

It seems a bit ironic to have Olbermann denouncing anyone's credibility.

And how does that have anything to do with whether Glenn Beck is a liar? The subtext I get from your comment is that it somehow excuses, or at least mitigates Beck's despicable behavior. Say it ain't so.

He lied about both. The purpose was to make those on the View fit the stereotype the right-wing pushes, elitist, snobby, expecting and receiving favored treatment. None of it was true in this case, but that's the way Glenn Beck painted it to his audience. He lied to push his narrative about the left-wing in this country.

Thanks for clearing that up Norm.

Glen said it: "I'm a common tater."

that kinda gives him some credibility, no? I didn't know he had any to lose, but may I missed the old days/daze.

Gah, I find painful to watch The View hostesses arguing anything with anyone, even that asshole liar idiot bigot Glenn Beck.

How about when Glenn Beck made the claim that Obama's financial rescue plan was a "pathway to slavery?"

This man is a clown, he's doing so well because he is gives the right-wing exactly what they want right now, Emotion, Outrage, and Irrationality.

Bill O Reilly gave them what they wanted when they were in charge of things, Apathy, Aggression, and Ignorance.

Let the right-wing squeal at the state of their current situation, they so earned it. :P


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