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The Pageant of the Christ

Miss California gets to keep her crown, not for her stand against gay marriage, but because she's beautiful.

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The Pageant of the Christ
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Jon does a great job on this all the way down the line.

(1) Ask a beauty contestant her opinion and then if you don't like it you talk about her boob job and who paid for it. (Beauty contestants get boob jobs - I'm shocked, shocked I tell you!) Her defenders are outraged over her being humiliated by people talking about her boob job (but why would anyone get a boob job if people talking about the boob job was humiliating? - If in fact she even got a boob job.)

(2) Pretend to get upset over photos scarcely more revealing that her bikini in the beauty contest.

(3) Get a casino owner who's had a string of trophy wives to rule on the appropriateness of the photos - and he renders his opinion that boils down to: if she didn't look like a potential future trophy wife, why would anyone give a shit?

Why does anyone give a shit about any of this?

Because Desperate Housewives is in re-runs.

I don't think we need an excuse to want to:

A. Humiliate Bigots

B. Look at women with their shirts off.

I just hope this continues the march towards making beauty contests a thing of the past.

I agree, I was also thinking why do these guys even talk about this (including people like Maher). But if only the idiots who "support" her and are so fucking stupid or desperate (or both) bigots that would have such a brainless dimwit for a representative were the ones talking about it, she and people like her might get some ideas that they have any legitimacy.

In anything, I think ridicule should be more. Every time any of these assholes open their mouths, (it should be encouraged as free speech too), and say something ridiculous, ridicule is exactly what should happen.

The same goes for Pat Robertson and his ilk, including the pope and other "legitimate" religious leaders. Oh yeah, throw in Oprah and Deepak Chopra too.

The irony cracks me up! Thanks ;)

Who gives a shit what she said or did it's a fucking beauty pageant. If people expect her to be more well rounded outside of her tits and ass you're asking for too much. Props to Jon for this segment.

They do tend to try and sell these as scholarship pageants (and there IS plenty of scholarship $$$ involved for winners and runners-up), but in the end they are indeed beauty pageants. As the Donald said - beauty was the determining factor. And reportedly the boob job was funded by the Miss America pageant. Odd, cause I had heard this stuff was supposed to be against the rules, but there ya go.

I think she was Miss California-USA. The Miss USA contest is separate from Miss America - supposedly the latter is the more "wholesome".

As opposed to the former which comprises of contestants that are "some hole".


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