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Roadus Triptum

The Pope makes his first visit to the Holy Land with a modest agenda of bringing peace to the Middle East

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This is about the highest pun density before, by physical law, your TV explodes.


not exactly sure which way Jon wanted that joke to go

Or, my dictionary adds,

Where there is a danger that inflammable could be understood to means its opposite, that is, 'not easily set on fire', flammable should be used to avoid confusion.

Ma passed on her grammar-nazi genes to me. The way I heard it inflammmable ain't no word, just some confabulation of flammable. GNs wear their anti-semanticism on their collective sleeves.

Oh - like irregardless? and they just stopped fighting it?

One word a woman I worked with used and I thought should definitely enter the vocabulary was flustrated.

In Spanish there's "inflamable", but "flamable" is not a word. (And we also use "in-" for negatives so no excuse!)

The etymology checks out:

Flammable also checks out, but the Latin meaning is a verb, not an adjective. Don't know how that works in Latin though.


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