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Moral Kombat

Barack Obama blocks the release of detainee photos, and refuses to intervene in the dismissal of a gay lieutenant.
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Ugh - I hate compromises like these; they make my head hurt. Will Obama get something - anything - in return? Or will his liberal cred just take a dive.

On the pictures he can make nice with the conservatives while the courts will probably order publication of the pictures anyway, so the matter can be out of his hands, so to speak. I'm not sure sure about Daniel Choi. It's interesting that in its time of need the military is still sticking to its guns on gays (then again it was just recently stopped from the non-regulatory evangelizing in the middle east, but I digress).

I find myself caught with Obama. I figured that he wouldn't be as liberal as he campaigned - too much too soon. Still, I think he has enough popularity to push on civil liberties while he's steering health care reform and finding the groove for out future economy.

It appears that, as per usual, the inter-webby thing trumps the White house:


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