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Links With Your Coffee - Wednesday


  • Happy Like God - Happy Days Blog -
    What is happiness? How does one get a grip on this most elusive, intractable and perhaps unanswerable of questions?

    I teach philosophy for a living, so let me begin with a philosophical answer. For the philosophers of Antiquity, notably Aristotle, it was assumed that the goal of the philosophical life — the good life, moreover — was happiness and that the latter could be defined as the bios theoretikos, the solitary life of contemplation. Today, few people would seem to subscribe to this view. Our lives are filled with the endless distractions of cell phones, car alarms, commuter woes and the traffic in Bangalore. The rhythm of modern life is punctuated by beeps, bleeps and a generalized attention deficit disorder.

    But is the idea of happiness as an experience of contemplation really so ridiculous? Might there not be something in it . . .

  • The Satirical Political Report - An Offbeat Look at the Hot-Button Issues of the Day » Shocking Admission By Frank Luntz in NYT Magazine

  • Ode To The Deceitful Cheneys » Mad Kane’s Political Madness

  • BBC NEWS | Health | NHS to give back pain acupuncture

    And the battle continues, the dumb asses win one.

  • You ask, they answer: Neals Yard Remedies | Environment | ask good questions, will they get good answers.
  • Audio: Luck of the Draw: Online Only: The New Yorker

    I understand that many read this story in school, but not me. It was my first time when I listened to it recently, If you are unfamilar with it, here's your chance to listen to an excellent story.

  • Sarah Palin's Outrageous Hypocrisy on Teen Sex | Politics | AlterNet
    So step right up and buy your “I’m SEXY enough… to make you wait!” t-shirts, courtesy of the Candie’s Foundation — the pro-abstinence group whose ambassador is now America’s most famous “Oh, fuck it, it feels better without the rubber” Supermom, Bristol Palin!

    So on a flight to London over the weekend I caught the Bristol Palin magazine cover and was blown away. What does it take to get discredited as a moralizing right-wing ”family values” merchant these days?

    It was one thing when we found out that super-religious governor Palin was letting Bristol’s hunkface beef accessory Levi nail her daughter more or less regularly under the family roof. It was another when we found out that the governor’s sister-in-law got popped for a B&E while her little daughter was waiting outside in the car. And it was still another thing when we found out that Levi’s Mom was going to eat a bust for dealing Oxycontin (and there’s apparently a lot behind the governor’s interest in that story).

    For the most part, none of this stuff is any of our business — we all have family members with issues, although mine tend to leave their kids at home when they go out to commit burglaries to support their drug habits.



Shirley Jackson - that's so funny - this is the third time she has come up in the last week... I love almost everything she's written but there are two short stories I think about a lot for some reason and maybe you would like them. I think they're both in The Lottery and Tales of the Daemon Lover. Maybe Kindle has them? "Seven Types of Ambiguity" and "Like Mother Used to Make (the last one everyday creepy in that way only Jackson can do - Stephen King said she could do it with a whisper)...


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