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Links With Your Coffee - Tuesday




On the "Do Vaccines Cause Autism?" video: if you guys look to the right hand side Bryan posted links to the scientific studies that he referenced in the clip.

Ah, norm I would have sent you that video a few weeks ago if I knew you hadn't posted it.

Great summary of the science. best I have seen in terms of disputing the case disproving the correlation. relieved me of any reservations I had.

I do refer to him as the vodka science guy as he filmed the video in front of his Ikea shelf o'liqour.

He has a few other videos that are also great.

Yeah, this is an excellent video. Clear, no-nonsense epi.

Also, it's irrelevant, but as RedSeven says, it's hilarious that he has this collection of liquor and wine behind him the whole time.

Mad Kane blows Huckabee away - well done!

The spontaneous appearance of such nucleotides on the primitive earth “would have been a near miracle,” two leading researchers, Gerald Joyce and Leslie Orgel, wrote in 1999.

Evolution is cleverer than Leslie Orgel.

Not to mention, who needs miracles when you have statistics and a billion years of time?

(I'm pretty sure Hugh Laurie said something similar in a much cleverer way in a House MD episode...)

... and Leslie Orgel was a damned clever guy.

Re: the 37 data-ish blogs post-- [thanks, btw], I found the one called Statistical Modeling (Andrew Gelman) very interesting. It really is amazing how little standardization there is in terms of model building strategies, even within disciplines or within individual journals. There are all sorts of start simple and build up techniques and just as many start complex and pare down techniques. And you just have to kind of hope [or, at least, should hope] that the one you chose is the least biased. For anyone insterested in the topic of modeling in general and the often-ignored limits of given methods, I highly recommend the book Statistical Models: Theory and Practice by David Freeman.


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