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Links With Your Coffee - Wednesday


  • Mom's plea deal includes 'resurrection clause' -

    I could sell resurrection futures, send me your money any amount accepted and upon the confirmed resurrection of your loved one I'll triple, or quadruple, or . . . your investment. All investments guaranteed by your diety.

    A Maryland woman involved with a group described as a religious cult pleaded guilty in the starvation death of her son, but insisted that the charges be dropped when he is resurrected.

    Under terms of her plea agreement, Ria Ramkissoon's charges will be dropped if her son rises from the dead.

    The condition was made a part of Ria Ramkissoon's plea agreement, officials said. She entered the plea Monday in Baltimore, Maryland, to a first-degree felony count of child abuse resulting in death, her attorney, Steven Silverman, said Tuesday.

    Ramkissoon, a member of a group called One Mind Ministries, believes Javon Thompson, her year-old son, will rise again, and as part of her plea agreement, authorities agreed to the clause.

  • Debategraph home



  • Steve Himmer
    Brian Wilson, Stop Fucking Smiling, Rhino, 2005 Musically unremarkable for the most part, this double album was only discovered in the late 1990s when Wilson cleaned his living room sandbox and found the masters buried beneath his piano (hence the occasionally overwhelming scratchiness of the recording). The result of a single overnight session on June 2, 1967—the day of Sgt. Pepper’s U.S. release—Stop Fucking Smiling provides a troubling glimpse into Wilson’s genius and his symbiotic relationship with Van Dyke Parks. For nearly three hours, Wilson plays with the frenzied abandon of Glenn Gould as Parks whispers free-associative lyrics to the broken Beach Boy. Wilson mishears or distorts every line his collaborator offers and sings a rambling, graphic narrative about doing physical harm to the Beatles (Ringo excluded). For the most dedicated Beach Boys fans only, which you turned out not to be and which I should have known; I know I wouldn’t confess to it at the time, but yes, the fight and the fire were both my fault.

  • Obama administration threatens Britain to keep torture evidence concealed

    Change sprinkled with more of the same.

    Ever since he was released from Guantanamo in February after six years of due-process-less detention and brutal torture, Binyam Mohamed has been attempting to obtain justice for what was done to him. But his torturers have been continuously protected, and Mohamed's quest for a day in court repeatedly thwarted, by one individual: Barack Obama. Today, there is new and graphic evidence of just how far the Obama administration is going to prevent evidence of the Bush administration's torture program from becoming public.

  • Vitamins Found to Curb Exercise Benefits -

  • Consumerism, Guilt, and the Story of Stuff : Guilty Planet (video)



I could sell resurrection futures

For some people religion is a pleasant thought and an easy framework for understanding the world, however flawed. For others it is the framework for a psychotic fantasy that keeps them completely detached from reality. This lady is the latter. I think the treatment of mental illness would cut down on your sales a bit, so universal Healthcare would be bad for business.

If this woman didn't have religion she could likely have killed her child in any number of fantasy scenarios. That said, it wouldn't have been a team activity.

If she'll tell us where Jimmy Hoffa's body is, we'll through in a full pardon in case of rapture.

...we'll throw in...

My god - how did I do that?!


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