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The funny thing about that article is that even the writer accepts Collins' superficial interpretation of the uncertainty principle. Like everything in quantum theory, the language doesn't tell you much -- at least in terms that ordinary folks like us would recognize. Thus, when Bohr speaks of a "complementarity" he means that light as wave and photon cannot exist simultaneously (but both are necessary and valid to an understanding of light's nature and behavior). And when Heisenberg speaks of "uncertainty," he means that you can be certain (of either the velocity or position of a particle, but not both). One reason q.t. has survived a century or so is that it is so damned accurate in its predictions!

So now, a confession: I'm sort of a New Ager among psychotherapists and have used the metaphor and findings of modern science to help people through some difficult psychological challenges and life crises. My experience has been that it helps indeed, but my sample sizes would be too small to be valid as to any conclusions.

Last month, I read Dancing Wu Li Masters for the 3rd time and loved it as much as I did when I was 19. But I don't proselytize the shit and don't seek grant money to evangelize these kinds of notions. It's a private matter: you can share experiences, but when you try and sell them as insight into reality, you're going over a cliff.


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