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Links With Your Coffee - Tuesday




RE: Diet and health. What can you believe: or does bacon kill you?

I followed the link and recived the scan warning for the trojan JS/Exploit-Iframe. I have a feeling that it's an infected web ad.

Wolverine would completely kick god's ass.

RE: the WTF article.

I really don't know what to think about cops and the military, especially here in the US. On the one hand, the service they provide is not only commendable, but necessary.

On the other, it seems to me that many of the people that enroll are attracted by the "I want YOU!" nationalistic chauvinism that is the source of much of the hate towards the US. I mention it because it seems to me that people who believe it seem to be the same group of christian white republican SUV-driving idiots who would get offended by the most innocuous bullshit even in the face of real danger.


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