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Links With Your Coffee - Monday




Norm, you have now threatened your standing as one of the top blog sites I visit everyday by introducing this classy blogger by the name of Donald Mills, aka crabbyoldfart. Good going, Norm. You're history!

I'll bet you're one of those young whippersnappers by buddy Don talks about, aren't you?

(mutters something under his breath, shrugs, gives Norm the finger while speeding away in his fancy new sports car with the vanity plate FU NORM LOL) Nope, not me. Got to run and get me a #3 pencil.

The comments there may even be funnier than the posts. I discovered the site over the weekend and spent Sunday afternoon ROTFLMAO.

A #3 pencil, you old softie, you. Oops, I guess that should be a #3 pencil you hardass.

You are so right, Norm. The comments themselves are a riot!

Now I have to run and hope that tonight will be the night the old lady will give in to her promise of playing catch with me.

Thanks so much for the mention, Norm!


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