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Links With Your Coffee - Sunday


  • Physics, Poop, and Questionable Medicine : Built on Facts
    Normally I stay mostly on the physics beat, trying to mostly stay out of the controversy arena except occasionally when my lunatic reactionary politics crops up in something like my Social Security piece a while back. But all things considered I much prefer to a nice, collegial, uncontroversial discussion about eigenfunctions of the Dirichlet problem than charging in with guns blazing to the nearest eruption of sloppy thinking.

    Nonetheless there are occasionally times it's just not possible to look away. Another ScienceBlogger brought up a piece on the Huffington Post by a well-meaning lady named Kim Evans. She says a lot of things, some sensible, some totally bonkers. I suspect a lot of unknowing readers of her piece may be lead astray because of lack of basic physics/math understanding. When people (for instance, my students) ask "What good is physics to the non-physicist?", well, one reason is that they develop some intuition for how the world works. Density, for instance.

  • The Lethargy Virus | Ralph Nader
    The Swine Flu (or H1N1 virus) is in the air. The public health authorities are acting “in excess of caution” to curb its spread from Mexico into this country. Already, however, this virus and the publicity around it is providing another occasion to question our nation’s priorities.

  • Taliban Fever | Mark Fiore's Animated Cartoon Site

  • LOGICOMIX - Homepage

  • Evolution classes optional under proposed Alberta law
    A controversial Alberta bill will enshrine into law the rights of parents to pull their children out of classes discussing the topics of evolution and homosexuality.

    The new rules, which would require schools to notify parents in advance of "subject-matter that deals explicitly with religion, sexuality or sexual orientation," is buried in a bill that extends human rights to homosexuals. Parents can ask for their child to be excluded from the discussion.

    tip to Kevin

    Last year, when law professor Joel Reidenberg wanted to show his Fordham University class how readily private information is available on the Internet, he assigned a group project. It was collecting personal information from the Web about himself.

    This year, after U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia made public comments that seemingly may have questioned the need for more protection of private information, Reidenberg assigned the same project. Except this time Scalia was the subject, the prof explains to the ABA Journal in a telephone interview.

    tip to Patrick

  • Jon Stewart Is Worse Than Joseph Goebbels, Defends Obama! | ChristWire


  • The need of the most powerful to turn themselves into victims - Glenn Greenwald -
  • The Wrath of Khan



ChristWire? Well, what did you expect...?

Another miracle sighting of the Virgin Mary!!!

Diners report seeing Virgin Mary in food griddle More than 100 people have flocked to gaze at the likeness of the Virgin Mary since it was discovered as the griddle was being cleaned. Among the awe-struck was a group of masked Mexican wrestlers who arrived Thursday for an exhibition at a nearby swap meet. One, known as Mr. Tempest, says: "This is amazing. It's a true miracle."

The link:;ylt=Aha6ydgHkPEG3fX3a2HEEhLtiBIF

Is the Christwire link a joke (is it like The Onion and Jesus's General?) When I clicked on the link it took me to this: Site currently down due to high volume of traffic and other atheistic evils. To help out, please pray and then hit refresh. I googled a little and think it must be like Jesus's General?

I finally could see the site and I think it's just a guy who desperately wants attention.

Let's be generous here: the lady was merely reifying, a little dramatically perhaps, one of the guiding metaphors of our culture: 10 lbs. of shit in a 5 pound bag.


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