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...what a coincidence: that I just commented on "empathy" as an underlying reason for the religiosity/torture correlation.

So... continuing the thought, I'd have to say that I'm disappointed that "empathy" is not taken by the MSM to be a code word for what it is: "intelligent".

So were the Soviets empathetic?

I'm not one who would equate empathy with intelligence, but what do the Soviets have to do with this? The people who ran the Soviet Union and their apparatchiks were neither particularly intelligent nor empathetic. Your point?

Unless you consider worshiping the state a religion, they were not religious and therefor intelligent and by Bigfoot's definition, empathetic.

I see - at least I see the point you're making.

Basically, I would go as far as to say that it no surprise that the more unlike ourselves we can view other people, the easier it is for us to lack empathy for them. Their otherness can spring from differences in skin color, religion, nationality, etc.

Actually, I always have considered the Soviet ideology as being quite akin to a religion, a replacement for religion, basically. There was even the mythical "withering" away of the state as socialism was supposed to evolve into communism when the citizens of the society had reached "perfection".



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