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Gitmo - The Final Season

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The Leavenworth argument is the most bogus of them all.

If it holds, I think there are some abandoned shopping malls that could use a make over.

"We've got something in this country, you've heard of it, it's called NIMBY, N. I. M. B. Y, - Not In My BackYard... Everybody wants more prisons, right? everybody wants more prisons, people say BUILD MORE PRISONS... but not here..."
-- George Carlin

This is precisely what irritates me about the Democratic Party. It's not ideology, it's execution.

When Republicans gain power, they've got the plan to screw everyone in Jesus' name, and they by God get it done.

When the Democrats gain power, a thousand people rush their own quarterback attempting to steal the ball.

Let's get it together, people.

Cyrano, I thought of George, too. Turns out we're not very united, after all.

This is just ridiculous. If Iran (or North Korea or Venezuela or any of the official enemies) had illegal prison camps with American prisoners in them, but refused to close the camps because no regional governors would accept the prisoners, no one in Washington would even waste their breath to argue against it. Yet when it happens in the US, it's apparently a legitimate argument. The rest of the world is either laughing at you or wanting to send a humanitarian invasion force to set things right.

When Obama said he wanted to close Guantanamo Bay, I suspected he'd never actually do it. Maybe a reorganization and call it a closure. Send some prisoners to Bagram instead, and pretend it's an improvement. I now doubt he'll even bother doing that. Guantanamo Bay will not be shut down, and will certainly never be returned to its rightful owners, Cuba.


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