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Gaywatch - Marion Barry

DC Councilman Marion Barry argues against gay marriage because he's got the moral compass of God.

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Gaywatch - Marion Barry
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Marion Berry is an insult to the tasty marionberry.

And, don'cha know? The bitch set him up!!!

Ooops, my bad. Marion Berry seems like a decent legislator.

Marion S. Barry is a different matter.

Ugh, what did I do to my links?

Barry vs. Berry.

Marion Barry also hasn't paid his taxes in a number of years. Man has no respect for government or the law. A petty con man that somehow gets elected. Frightening that he draws a crowd.

'Marion Barry also hasn't paid his taxes in a number of years.'

Are there any vacancies on Obama's cabinet?

I remember in threads like these TeaForTheTillerman used to come and spread his wisdom on revulsion toward homosexuality being a natural human reaction that is supposed to be proof enough for finding it to be objectionable. I'm sure after he logged off of onegoodmove he then went to masturbate to girl-on-girl pornography oblivious of the irony.

I can't imagine Tft/aka/Average Joe being sexual. He comes across as being an uptight sort of non-sexual being.

I don't even remember a tft.

How long have you guys been commenting here?

I've been around here long enough to have known the joy of jjj in his calligraph and tft identities, but not as "average Joe".

I think TfT was only a brief but bright star around here. Calligraph has/had been here much longer, I'm almost sure I remember an "Average Joe", but that one is a favorite from anonymous conservatives for some reason, in liberal blogs, just like the form (even more inexplicably) "FirstName from City".

I'm not sure who "jjj" was. Full name?

oh dog, punctuation!

I was actually gonna make a half-joke about him actually gettin off with dude-dude stuff, since you know, that's what homophobes do.

I think AJ (and company - these id's are likely made up a small cadre of trolls) goes back to at least 2005. JoAnn would know best.

I've been hanging around 1gm for quite some time now, but I forget how many years. T4t, Average Joe, and Calligraph are all the same dude. He's had a few other names too. Norm would ban him and then he would come back under a different name. He uses a type of email service that disguises his IP address. This allows him to troll around on internet sites, get banned, and yet still return. He has emotional issues, no doubt about it.

I'm not sure about the jjj either..

Oh yes, jjj=johnjacobjingle. He also used the name "TieThatBlinds".

Such exotic names for a very ordinary guy. Average Joe suited him best.

Been here since January of 2005. I feel like JoAnn and I should be buying our OGM cap and gowns.

I miss that nutcase though. Now with Bush out of the White House and Teabag/Callgirl gone who are we left to make fun of?

So will Norm be passing out OGM degrees? Will we be afforded the opportunity to wear those delightful flat hat thingies?


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