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Students protest Barack Obama's stand on abortion at his Notre Dame commencement speech.
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What is it with fundies and this constant obsession with blood? Is it their inherent violent nature?

Shock and awe are all that side has to fight with.

Rudy's parents didn't abort him just because he was retarded and he went on to play three plays for Notre Dame's footbal team in the meaningless final minutes of a game that didn't mean shit to either side. He didn't make any good plays but still. I haven't seen the movie and I wouldn't, even on a dare, but if I did I bet I would start crying if I thought about how Rudy might have been aborted and neither was Rain Man and he was really good at counting cards until the casino kicked him out although that guy in Sling Blade was mostly just a murdering sociopath but I guess two out of three ain't bad. Do you think the anti-abortionists gave the dolls back to their kids ater the protest and did they wash the blood off first?

Hey! Don't forget that deaf kid, Beethoven!

And Damn you, Jon. You made me google remember the titans + rudy because I wasn't sure if Remember the Titans was the actual title of the Rudy movie.

Glad to see Obama didn't give in and adopt the fetal position.


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