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Elizabeth Warren with Bill Maher

Elizabeth Warren is simply outstanding. If Obama's other choices for positions in his administration are half as good as this one we'll be well served.

Real Time with Bill Maher
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Tricks and Traps - perfect description of the Phil Gramm economy. It is practically the life's work of the son of a bitch.

That reminds me, I have to call my bank cause the bastards charged me $33 for each transaction (like $7 or less each) that overdrafted. Bastards.

I was wondering about her appointment, too. It appears she was the gift of Harry Reid, no less ( and actually answers to Congress.

Obama's nominees will be a breath of fresh after Harriet Miers --> Samuel Alito nominations. Still, the neo-cons are already on the trail to block any radical lefties that Obama nominates.

I already deleted some email about it, and this was a link that I was able to grab quickly today.

Sigh. No one President Obama nominates will have it easy, no matter how good of a grasp of the issues s/he has.

Tricks and traps. Luntz couldn't do better and it's not bs!

Also, and I know this is incredibly unnecessary, I think I have a crush on her.


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