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Bill Maher - New Rules

Real Time with Bill Maher
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Walt Kelly redux

His comments about greed are oh so true... having known several european health care systems in Sweden, France and Greece, I can testify that as an "average" citizen you feel more protected in a state run health system, like in Sweden. But this isn't automatic ! it also needs to be well run, otherwise people will feel the need to go to the private system, more expensive but better considered. All that being said, the costs for the health system are under heavy debate in any country, whetever it's characteristics. At the end of the day, it's a whole country to decide how much it's willing to spend (and can spend!) to keep it's citizens in decent health.

PS rock on Norm, reading you every single day :o)

This is the best New Rules that I have seen in a long time. Watching this I feel a bit depressed that American society views greed as a virtue and not a vice. Thanks for the post.

This was really depressing.


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