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Nice side by side with Obama and Bush at the beginning. As for Cheney..

step 1: we don't torture (except the few bad apples)

step 2: silly, water boarding isn't torture; have you not heard of advanced interrogation techniques?

step 3: we did what we thought necessary [torture] to get information from the [nuclear-armed] terrorists

step 4: you should be afraid! Am I cleared from all wrong doing? I won't go to prison will I, cause I'm sure I've made my case. I mean, Obama is high minded and foolish.

There's a head spinning out there, and it ain't Linda Blair.

We could knock over Al Qaeda with a feather if by feather you mean a bit of education in that area of the world where public schools are almost nonexistent. Our idea would smash the idea being peddled by radical Islamists but they are at least getting their idea out there to the ignorant (and often illiterate) masses. We can either work to educate the children of Afghanistan and Pakistan (among other problem area) or we can let radical Islamists do it.

Just like our belligerency didn’t work against Cuba we should change our tack in this area. Instead of the Bay of Pigs we should have tried the Bay of Capitalist Pigs with Cuba. Instead of trying to defeat Castro through military means we should have just subjected the little island to a tsunami of consumer goods via trade. What do you want: empty slogans or Walt Disney World, Pepsi, and Levis? The people of the Muslim world have even worse choices if they reject the West: women covered head-to-toe or topless beaches.

And fuck Cheney. How is it that we see him so much lately yet when he was vice president he couldn’t be bothered to give access to the public, as if he were some recluse billionaire instead of a servant of the people—not that I call The American Enterprise Institute a public forum, but still.

If only Dick Cheney had the sense of decency and shame to take a hike.


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