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A Change of Mind

And so radio shock jock discovers waterboarding is not like the sprinkling of water some call baptism, or his morning shower, it's horrific he says.

I was willing to prove, and ready to prove, that this was a joke, and I was wrong. It was horrific. It was instantaneous. And look, I felt the effects for two days."
His buddy Hannity still thinks it's not torture.



There was something off about them showing the clip of him being tortured, over and over and over...

Also... he calls himself "Mancow"?

We live in an insane world.

He started out as a regular "crazy DJ" radio format and only later transformed himself into a political thing. That's where the Mancow nickname came from.

To repeat, the lesson from this guy is that right-wing blowhards have to do this one at a time. Hannity tells "Mancow" that 'it's not torture' right after he has personally experienced waterboarding! Hannity's remarkable combination of loudmouthed bluster, cowardice, and arrogance is truly breathtaking.

Shytown represent.

I was a big fan of Mancow back in my post-high school days (about 10 years ago). I always considered him a thinking man's Howard Stern. If you commuted in or out of Chicagoland, you have most likely heard his morning show at least once.

Anyway, I've outgrown the humor, but kudos to Mancow for having the cajones to man-up. And kudos to Keith Olbermann for putting his money where his mouth is.

And here's hoping Sean Hannity is nursing a bud lite right now, quietly sulking, having been thoroughly emasculated yet again.

Pardon my skepticism, but I think "mancow" woke up one morning, looked at his falling ratings numbers and the increasing independant/liberal percentages, and decided it was time to become a Liberal... From those in the industry, this would be the second time he's switched his political leanings to go where the ratings are.

I always think the right wingers support their mouthpieces in some extra way. Lots of money for appearances? Maybe just feeding their vanity by giving them access to top level GOPers? I don't know. I just don't get it any other way.

So he thinks water boarding is torture, now he needs to accept evolution, global warming, that the Iraq war was a mistake, and that European-style socialism is a better method of managing a country’s assets than our winner-take-(nearly)all system. Maybe we just need to half-drown every right-wing shitbag, one at a time or at a mass drowning ceremony. Think of it as a baptism for rational thinking.

Think of it as a baptism for rational thinking.

ding ding ding!


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