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A Bumper Sticker For You

I have an extra, would you like it? I'll take all requests for the sticker left in the comments over the weekend and then use a random number generator to determine the winner. The contest if open to all currently registered onegoodmove readers anywhere in the whole wide world.

I was tempted to spin the random number generator again, for who would believe that mister, with my luck, would win. Congratulations to pedantsareus. Here are your random numbers: 1 Timestamp: 2009-06-01 15:43:51 UTC

For those of you who don't want to take a chance on winning. I can't remember where i got mine but these guys have advertised on the site in the past, and they have some. If you do a search for "I believe in life before death", the google will point you to other sources.




You can put me into the draw, Norm, please. But with my luck .....

You see, I am the sort of person that has a natural resistance to winning things, just like I have a natural resistance to Chess (I played it first at school but the virus never took hold, even though I joined the Chess Club and tried to climb the ladder).

Yeah, put me in, too. Thanks.

Put me in please!

Me too, please. Perhaps you could also direct the unhappy losers to where such a sticker could be purchased. I love it!

I'm in as well. I second Peter G's query.

Then again, if I don't win, perhaps I'll make a sticker that says:

Pro Life for those who are actually alive!

I want one that says "Darwin Saves" and then have a little picture of a virus or something.

All I can find are these. Which I like.

I'm a delivery driver, so I feel the need to educate while I deliver-ate!

I'm in!

Hey - that's a good selling point. Norm - please enter me in the lottery. If I win, send the sticker to Meshuggahnans - more people will see it on his vehicle than on mine!


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