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We Don't Torture

No one is upset about the fact that America tortures, they're just upset that they now know about it.

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Scum Bags all scum bags.

Republicans couldn't be more contrary. Obama gives them the equivalent of a pardon and they are can't stop complaining about it.

In my opinion, the psudeo-pardon (non-prosecution) is even more disgusting than the torture memos.

I try not to distinguish between the complicit parties.

Some of life just has to be mysterious. Sigh, Peggy is so romantic.

She likes her torture by candle light with redacted love memos.

XXXOOO -183 times in a month.

Rove sums it up again - concarnit all we can't use these tactics any more because the info has been leaked!

fuck fuck fuck you Karl!

Hayden's comments weren't much of an improvement.

I know Obama wants his leverage, but shit, those responsible need to face some justice. They should find out what it's like to be imprisoned for actual crimes. And they should experience kind treatment so they'll know how they should have treated their detainees.

So if an executive order won't hold the torturers accountable, perhaps a legislative order is...well, in order.

Rachel Maddow conducted a good interview with Philip Zelikow on this subject.


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