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The War on Terror

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Redefinition Accomplished
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Man-caused disasters? Seriously?

It's official. Orwell was genius!

Part of me thinks this is scary to see Obama do this crap, but then I think about how the "war on terror" was all a figment of Dick Cheney's imagination anyway so shouldn't we stop talking about it and instead have some budget to deal with Islamic extremists outside Iraq and Afghanistan, like a contingency plan...

I think that's called DoubleThink Red ;)

I am doing a lot of that.

Absolutely. I think everyone was pretty much saying that when they watched the Republican word machine Frank Luntz - but, always great to hear about Orwell again.
I don't like to see Obama's people doing it but I understand why they did 1) because it was so meaningless anyway - a war on terror (was that one of Luntz's too or maybe Rove)- I'm surprised it wasn't a war on evil. Both are super catchy, though. What did the Republicans try to change it to mid-stream and it didn't catch on - something like the long and continued struggle against islamofacists - and then Bush just wouldn't go along with it...maybe someone else remembers? 2) because, let's face it, Americans are stupid enough to buy this garbage so completely they will elect a git like Bush ---- twice.

Nah, not Luntz or Rove. You must be thinking of Emmanuel Goldstein.

OH - there it is - it was in 2005 they wanted to change it to the Global Struggle against Violent Extremism.

Oh - do you think that's where Luntz gets his material? Very possibly....

Another redefinition:

Liberal is not "Progressive"

Sorry, typo. That should read, "Liberal is now "Progressive."


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