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The Sunday Funnies

And this week's winner is?



Oh no, another week with no winner.

I don't normally like Leno, but I found his "Cuba...replacements for Texas" line pretty clever.

No one winner. It's might's some interasting.


Who's the ghost image at the end? I can't make it out.

The line that follows Colbert's clip should have been included. or maybe not

The ghost image? I think that's an excerpt from the Bohner interview on global warming/climate change: saying CO2 is a carcinogen is absurd, cows fart CO2, we shouldn't act unless the other industrialized nations do, and No New Taxes (tm). Hic! Cheersh!

Surely he wins this week?

The ghost is the host George Stephanopoulos.

2nd week in a row where I thought Leno was the least worst? Wow.


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