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Tea Parties

Janeane Garofalo explains the right-wing.



Hey Norm,
This isn't Janeane's clip, but a repeat on the special comment on future of torture clip.
Please update the link.

Oh my, the clipboard forsook me, or my fingers betrayed me. Oh hell, I fucked up. Sorry about that.

They showed the same hatred towards the Clintons so I doubt it's racism so much as simply hating someone they view as a liberal.


I pretty much agree. THe fact he's black fuels the fire even more, but the main hatred of the liberal movement is the main thrust of the anger. I mean, mention Nancy Pelosi, Michael Moore, Dennis Kucinich and see the reaction. It's pretty much the same minus the "Enslave White America" posters.

I Agree. She overplays the racism here. I think its clearly a factor but I think we are more looking at a blind hatred of "liberals". Greatest irony is that most of these folks probably have no idea what a liberal is.

At the core of the protest seems to be the objection to the bailout debt and the future taxes to pay that back. What is amazing is that the most wasteful and unregulated portion of the bailout was done by Bush and was voted for by their presidential candidate.

I don't doubt that racism is pretty key in their blindness to reality, but I am sure some of them are just homophobes or morons.

They boo Republicans too.

I don't know if McCain has spoken at any of these protests, but I suspect he'd regret it too.

Janeane not only got the angle wrong with racism, but she uses locker room humor (for those who know brain sections) to make silly generalizations about Republicans. Yes, most racists are conservatives, but not all conservatives are racists. Duly noted: the rallies were not well-attended. They were well-covered though, unlike many war protests fromthe Bush years.

Garafalo does get it right when she says that FOX wouldn't survive with a cerebral voter/viewer constituency. She also gets the good jab in there regarding taxation WITHOUT REPRESENTATION for the original Boston protest.

It has bugged me that they've taken the Boston Tea Party and gotten it SO wrong - I think my knowledge of U.S. history (without Google) really sucks but I'm assuming everyone did attend fourth grade so what are they missing.

I used to think Garafolo was a pretty good spokesperson but this was very disappointing except for the points you mentioned, Gypsy.

Sorry Norm .. love you blog but this clip was really the worse one you have ever put online.. :S really really sad...

I don't know if it is the worst, but it is bad. Janeane Garafalo is no big hero of mine, but even she has done much better than this. Krugman's take on this teabagging stupidity was on target - and I liked seeing the guy who grabbed the mike and exposed the attendees of these rallies as the dim bulbs they are.

But if you are going to point at racism, then you should provide specific evidence of racism. Otherwise you give right wing screwballs an excuse to dismiss your criticism.

Don't give up on me. I can do worse.

I hate to break it to her but I would say 80% of the people I met at our tea party were not only Democrats, but they voted for Obama. I did. I regret it big time.

Mmkay. Because of taxes?

I would like to hear your story.

How could anyone regret voting for Obama after two months? That's not even rational. This whole "taxes are slavery" thing is completely absurd. People in Spain pay much higher taxes and you don't hear a fraction of the bitching. Why? Because the people expect extraordinary service from their government. They expect great health care, mass transit second to none, good roads, bike paths, etc. Try getting any of those things without doing it collectively.

As far as Janeane What's-her-face, she certainly isn't anyone I pay attention to but she' not exactly a Glen Beck or a Rush either, as far as being a total idiot that is. And their hate and bile is an everyday occurence, not some short clip on MSNBC (or does she still do that radio thing?).

I hate to break it to her again but I met so many new people that day and none of them mentioned hearing about the tea party from Fox or Rush. I have always despised both. Really, it simply never came up.

And this was in no way about taxes. Maybe for a few? Not for me, and not for most of the people I met. What was it about then? I can`t believe our press stays so far away from the REAL issues. The real reason we were all out that day.

And race? I didn't meet everyone there, but I think I am an OK judge of character and can read people well. I got to speak with maybe 100 new people that day? These were good people out there from all walks of life, black, white, brown, (one guy was painted purple but I stayed away). Anyway, I never detected any racism. Were we against white people when we were so upset over Bush? And boy was I up in upset.

And after 2 months, in my own opinion, if you cannot see what these hundreds of thousands of people see, then you are not looking... and maybe even not looking on purpose? That is just my own humble opinion based on what I experienced the other day. The news and even John Stewart has it all wrong, and for the first time in my life I feel like I can no longer trust any of these news sources on TV or cable at all...even the comedians seem to be pushing the same BS.

And I do not listen to that Glen Beck guy either. I feel like I have to say that every 20 minutes as a disclaimer just so I can express my thoughts these days. Ugh.

What was it about then? I can`t believe our press stays so far away from the REAL issues. The real reason we were all out that day.

What is that reason, in your case?

So perhaps you're saying everyone is upset about bailout monies, but I hate to assume, because when one does that...

In any case, the tea theme for the party was off the mark. The other stuff I've already commented on.

As I wrote recently here, Obama has not come without disappointments. But honestly, I can't think of one policy decision Obama has made with which I am unhappy which I think McCain wouldn't have done as bad or worse. I too would like to know exactly which decisions of Obama's with which a "Democrat" is disappointed and which you think McCain's decision would have been more satisfactory.

Wow, so not agreeing with Obama makes you a racist? There are a few black people I know personally that I don't like, but I don't know anyone that I don't like BECAUSE they are black. It IS possible to dislike people based on the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

Dissent is the foundation of patriotism, and shallow cunts like Garafalo only do us about as much good as O'Reilly. We elected a black president. NEITHER SIDE gets to play the race card. Disagree with Obama? "You obviously hate all black people! You REDNECK!" Agree with him? Obviously you're a "dumb nigger lover..."

Hey, sensationalist dickheads! How about we talk about the real things! How is a "Civil Union" any different from "Separate but Equal?" How is a $0.70 tax increase on cigarettes NOT a tax hike on the middle class? So there, I just called Obama out on 2 things. I guess Garafalo would say I am just a raciest... I hope she dies, right next to Billo....

Also to add, thanks Obama, for shutting down Gitmo. Thanks for wanting to open up trade with Cuba. Thanks for considering diplomacy with Iran. I won't hesitate to wave the bullshit flag, or give credit when credit is due, but if someone does EITHER because of the color of his skin, then THEY are the racist. (He is half white, maybe the tea-party people just hate white people? :) )

You know I don't know if she is over playing racism here. I would like to think so, but I have some white conservative friends who are a part of this movement, one of whom Described to me last night people who are on tax-payer supported Well-fair as being "Crack-Pipe Smoking, Nike Buying, Lazy People". Now that description is vague enough to avoid being called a flat out racist...but I think we can all pick up on the undertone. There is DEFINITELY a lot of racism out there.

I didn't say that disagreeing with Obama makes you a racist. How the fuck could you have inferred that from what I wrote? I just said that if you voted for him and you regret it two months later you aren't being rational.

As far as this whole racist thing, she's probably right but I wouldn't have put it that way.

lb -

I'm not sure, but I don't think eldeeder was responding to you. I assumed he was responding to Garafolo and. by extension, to Olbermann.

The Tea Party Tyranny part of TDS (you can link to it once the "Tempest" video finishes) with John Oliver makes a nice response to some of the comments in this thread.


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