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Short Stories

I enjoy listening to short stories when out for a walk or commuting to work. Selected Shorts is one of my favorite sources for stories. You can get their podcasts for free at the iTunes store or from a number of public radio stations that carry the program. Here is a story I quite enjoyed from a recent podcast. It is "The Toys of Peace" by Saki or Hector Hugh Munro if you prefer.

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Good story with many chuckles! When my grandson was about four, he was obsessed with construction equipment, especially front-end loaders! Toys for peace, as it were.

I was the same age as the boys in the story in the 50s and spent many hours with little green army men. We defeated the Germans and Japanese many times during those years. My father was reluctant to talk too much about the war but most my friends fathers had also fought in the big one and we played what we thought were their parts in the war. I recall it as being great fun. I provided front loaders and dump trucks for my boys to play with as they were growing up, but they most enjoyed the star-wars toys their grandparents gave them.


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