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LOON WATCH: Right-wing dumbshits




Dumbshits is right. I'm sure it makes sense for the president to announce to the whole world his intentions on dealing with the pirates during the actual standoff.

Was the mission accomplished? Without the grinning jackass in a flight suit on an aircraft carrier, I can't be sure.

Dumbshits indeed.

I don't know if you've seen this ad against gay marriage Norm that's been going around on youtube(maybe you've already done a post on this before), but when my friend sent this to me today, I was rendered's amazing we can even grow this kind of stupidity here in America.

Watching this, I got a great idea for a parody video set in 1865:

Slow zoom on a farmer, holding a whip, surrounded by gaunt slaves. He speaks seriously, almost sternly:

"Those nigger-lovin' Republicans are trying to take away MY RIGHT to beat my slaves.

"The underground railroad was bad enough, but now they want to affect MY LIFE."

I didn't know I had a constitutional right to reject certain brands of marriage. Does this same right allow me to discriminate on the basis of eye color?

Legally speaking- marriage is a contract. Advocates of "marriage protection" are really asking for certain states to nullify binding contracts from other states.

Am I the only one who sees the Pandora's Box we are messing with here?

If a legal marriage in Mass. is nullified by Florida, why would a custody agreement made in California hold water in Texas?

And Zeus help you if you try to buy or sell property from another state. According to MY bible, you just forfeited the deposit, all praise be unto him.

From a moral perspective, this commercial is, at best, insulting. From a legal perspective, this is insanity.

I thought the right-wing respected state sovereignty. Or is that just my childish idealism?

Perhaps we are all Federalists when "our team" is winning.

Better word: bullies.

I think that a lot of the strife around the issue of gay marriage comes from the fact that the word "marriage" is used for two related but distinct things: a legal contract and a religous sacrement. I wish that we could change things so that "marriage" would refer to the latter and "civil union" referred to the former. Everyone who wanted the legal benefits currently granted to married people would have to enter into a civil union. Religous people could also enter into the sacrement of marriage, if they wished, but it would confer no legal rights or responsibilities. Just my 2 cents worth.

No that's what I thought as well. It's the only answer that makes sense to me. Why is the government issueing the title of "Marriage" in the first place?

A couple of weeks or months ago Mark Morford did an essay on civil unions for everyone. I loved that idea, but then someone here made the point that a civil union - even one between a woman and man - does not count legally abroad. So travel could result in some sticky legal issues.

So marriage can keep its duel function in my mind. If your church doesn't condone gay marriage, then it won't hold gay wedding ceremonies. The state should recognize marriages between both genders and same genders; the spousal benefits should apply either way.

I also know that I suffer from being raised conservative and gradually seeing the light for gays (everything happened in steps), so I feel if I can come over to this understanding then the others can make it over here as well. A bone-headed outlook to be sure, but the classification is a cultural thus learned concept, therefore a new concept should be able to be assimilated.

RE: Anti-gay-marriage ads

Shortly after that hate video was uploaded the auditions went up too! It was hilarious. Then of course the National Organization for Marriage, or NOMBLA (sorry, Jon Stewart!) censored it claiming copyright. Luckily people quickly reuploaded them. If any of you has a youtube account, you might wanna reupload it too.

Part 1

Part 2

You can even see some of the actors made it, even in different roles that they auditioned to! I wonder if any of those actors has Hollywood aspirations? HA HA HA HA!!!

Props to the youtube commenters too. They are relentless against those bigots in the original video. Who would have thought!

Seems they also censored a Rachel Maddow segment, but again, youtubers at the rescue!

ARRRRRRRR! RRepublicans!

I like how they are angered that the navy would bring in hostage experts from the FBI and then they must all be totally caught off gaurd when they actually did something. Their criticisms are so stupid. They can't see past the end of their noses.

Aren't these the same guys who went on and on about the "chain of command" and the need to "follow orders to protect the fatherland"?

I, for one, appreciate that the military follows procedure before shooting at non-military targets (like pirates, terrorists, or civilians in the wrong place at the wrong time).

can't we just arrest the idiots for treason yet?

Christ, can you imagine the Republican fallout if Obama were to have a military failure--like losing two wars at once over the course of six years. It's obvious that they (right-wing morons) are no longer rational, not that being rational was ever one of their strong points.

Dumbshit just might be an insult to shit. These clips again make me happy that I watch little - no tv. Gingrich discusses all the pirate attacks in the past year as a criticism that Obama's not taking care of business. Wait a second, Stephanopoulus saved Newt from realizing that Bush didn't do jack about piracy during much of the past 12 months, let alone in the last 8 years.

The last bit should have included that our guys didn't fire until 2/3 pirates had guns pointed at the good captain's back. We should be holding a higher standard in defense: only use weapons if you MUST, not because you're holding one and I'm holding a flag.

I have to say that on a personal note, I find Glen Beck the most objectionable talking head out there. Considering the competition, that's no small statement!

But all hostilities aside (and as much as I'd like to see him tarred and feathered), it really says something poor about our concept of "democracy" (in particular media democracy), when ideologues like Beck, O'Reilly, Limbaugh, etc., can reach such a large audience. It is nothing short of proto-fascism, by which I mean in the absence of a society with fairly decent checks and balances, like the US, they'd be leading the charge for deportations, concentration camps, and probably worse.

On a related note, in Canada, where I'm from, the media situation is arguably worse. Here we're thoroughly dominated by corporate media, with no significant alternatives or advocacy groups with any real voice. For example, the reigning Conservative government recently banned a sitting British MP, George Galloway, from entering the country due to supposed links to "terrorism." His "crime" was being part of a convoy offering humanitarian aid to Gaza after the devastating siege in December/January. He's also an outspoken critic of Israeli policy, which is a no-no in the current climate. In fact, our current Prime Minister Stephen Harper, as well as the Liberal leader of the opposition, Michael Ignatiff, stated that any criticism of Israel is tantamount to anti-Semitism.

Part of the reason they can get away with this is that our corporate media offers very little in the way of critical analysis on this an other issues, and in certain cases (such as with the nation-wide daily the National Post, which part of the country's largest media metwork, CanWest Global) is owned by radical pro-Zionist ideologues. The current CEO is a close personal friend of the current far-Right PM of Israel, Benjamin Netenyahoo (sp).

The only station that covered the Galloway story is the CBC (our public broadcaster), interviewing him from New York, where he was allowed. The CBC is currently under crisis as well, as its been the Conservative's pet project to destroy them for years. Recently, they offered various corporate media outlets $150 billion in bail-out money, while offering the CBC nothing, forcing them to cut jobs (800 already) and to consider a public-private partnership.

It's proto-fascism all around, folks. Hopefully it ain't too late to reverse it!

Enough angry rambling for one day.

Dang - and we view Canada as a pinko liberal country!!

Well, I guess it depends on what your definition of "pinko-libera"l is. In my opinion, assuming that that's a compliment, the bar has been set pretty low.

Yes, we do have a national health care system and a decent public broadcaster. Yes, we did legalize gay marriage and marijuana (for like 3 months in 2003). Yes we did have a Prime Minister in the 60s who invented (or innovated) the idea of peace keeping, and then another guy in the 70s and early 80s (Trudeau), who was quite progressive and charismatic (he and Castro were buddies). Jean Cretchean said no to the Iraq war, and was quite hostile to Bush...

But the forces of neo-liberalism are strong, and many of these gains are being dismantled.

The New Democratic Party (NDP) has about 15% of the seats in the House of Commons, and were known during the Cold War as Canada's socialist party. Even recently, in the wake of the war in Iraq, NDP leader Jack Layton could be heard in the media quoting Noam Chomsky. But as the public purse has been syphoned off to corporate tax breaks and the like, the NDP have become docile, basically becoming the new Liberals. Which means, I suppose, that the Conservatives are the new fascists. If there's one person I hate more than Glen Beck it's Stephen Harper, our current PM. Even writing his name makes me grit my teeth! There's still some decent, independent minded politicians of course (like Barbara Boxer or Kucinich in the US), but they're fighting an up hill battle.

How Canada let its media become so right-wing is hard to say, though it's a sad state of affairs. It doesn't reflect the sentiments of the population, but that's corporate globalization for you. The rich and powerful call the shots and we take the brunt of their mess.

I could keep rambling, but won't. If you have any interest in a progressive website with a Canadian (and global) perspective, check out


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