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Krugman on GOP hypocrisy



Amazing that republicans would defend jobs for something that we will likely never use and oppose spending on things like road and trains that we use every day and definitely have a positive effect on the economy. I mean tax and spend really does apply when the taxes taken just equal some jobs minus a ton of profit.

I was making this same point to my son today. There is no reason to waste resources producing something we don't use. They might as well just give the money to individuals, no wasted resources, no wasted energy used in production, and the money goes back in the economy. Or better still, spend it on infrastructure where we get added value.

Neocons are veeery good at turning around rhetoric, whether it's the equivalent of slash and spend is better than tax and spend; paying for unused military equipment is better than supporting every day jobs; or supporting Bush's going to Iraq without justification, the invasion of privacy aspects of the Patriot Act vs. Obama's attempts to bring health care to all as fascism.

I could laugh at it more if people didn't take them so damned seriously. sigh

Politicians, especially Republicans, do genuinely worry about jobs when it comes to defense pork. Their jobs.

I am disgusted by the GOP.

Had they stuck to their small-government roots (i.e. Paul) I would wager they would sweep the 2010 elections.

As-is, they have no credibility, and offer no real change. The day McCain voted for the bailout was they day he lost, and until the GOP gets that, their decent into madness will continue.


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