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Ira Glass

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Ira Glass
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I'm a huge fan of "This American Life", but I had always assumed Ira Glass was a 23 year old (the voice sounds young to me).

Seeing him as a grown-up Weezer, complete with silver "wings" in his hair, was quite a shock.

Well, when he started off Ira was young and in his 20s...back closet to the pre-cursor to This American Life, Soundprint. Ah, the halcyon days in charm city.

Anyway Zap, when you get referenced alot on Prairie Home Companion, you ain't young no mo'.

Ira talked about when they were getting ready to put TAL on television and they were trying to decide if it would be more disappointing if he were on camera or if they never showed him :) Gotta love him.


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