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4% increase! Damn Military industrial complex.

Only in America does an increase in military spending the middle of a depression get spun as a cut because they eliminate a freakin laser plane while we are mostly fighting terrorists that have absolutely nothing to aim a multibillion dollar laser at...

Ugh. I guess I can't take that bumper sticker off my car for a while longer.

Worse than that - if Gates has it right, the frickin' laser plane doesn't work.

Joe Lieberman is good for Jon, though - he loves doing him.

A few more Brazilian dollars and we might be able to strap a Laser onto the nose of a shark, i mean sea bass, I mean plane.

I'd say Liebermann should just register as a Republican, but since Democrats need the numbers...How badly do they need the numbers again?

We need him, so there would be not point to a party switch. We need him to just resign. His popularity is dropping into the basement. He seems more out of touch with reality every time he speaks in public. After this issue I think we may just be weeks away from a psychotic break.

I think we're on the same page, but since the Democratic majority is sooo slim; there's no veto-proof numbers, I'm thinking keeping ol' Joe in the party is just another demonstration of the law of diminishing returns. I don't know about a psychotic break, but a penny for your resignation thought.


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