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Chomsky on Healthcare



I'm starting to think we need an uprising to change the health care system in the U. S. Either that or blow up the one we have and start over.

The libertarian argument is to let people keep their health care dollars instead of contributing each pay check. Then they'll be more picky about how they spend the money. It's a good argument if and only if everyone has enough money to get decent care. Otherwise, it's the emergency room for many. This is the most expensive method of health care, and a large contributor to the high cost of medical treatment here.

The libertarian argument is even simpler than that: who gonna pay? Problem is, after running a $1T annual deficit, such an argument is moot.

The cost of single-payer healthcare would be NEGLIGIBLE compared to the bailout-o-nomics of recent months.

Assuming emergency room care is a human right (and I assume it is, being that anyone- citizen or not- can walk into an ER and get care) the moral issue has already been answered:

YES, healthcare is a human right.

The moral riddle is solved. The economic arguments are laughable in the face of our debt/deficit/refusal to change.

Therefore, the answer is obvious: vote Kucinich in 2012 (and R. Paul for Secretary of the Treasury).


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